Basic information about the town of Kokemäki

Kokemäki is located in the province of Satakunta in  the South West of Finland. Because of the town's good location it is easy to access. Highway number 2 runs next to the town. Distance to Pori is only 40 kilometres so you can get there in about half an hour. Busses of Satakunnan liikenne which operate between Pori and Helsinki stop also in Kokemäki, the bus stop is called Peipohja. Kokemäki is also reachable by train, the railway goes between Pori and Tampere. The timetables for trains to Kokemäki can be found in the webpages of the State Railway.
Kokemäki was founded in 1869 but its history dates back in centuries. It has a big role in the history of Satakunta and Finland because of its good location and because the area has been inhabited already in the early ages. There are some relics from the iron age for example. In 1969 the municipality called Kauvatsa was merged to Kokemäki. In 1977 Kokemäki received its city status.
The town has given it’s name to the Kokemäki-river, which is 121 kilometres long and flows through the town. The river has a big role in Kokemäki and the bridges over the river, especially museum bridge of Tulkkila, are informal symbols of the town.


Number of inhabitants (28.2.2017): 7 450
Total surface: 531,27 km²
Neighboring municipalities: Eura, Harjavalta, Huittinen, Pori, Sastamala, Säkylä ja Ulvila.
Municipal tax percentage: 21,75 %
Native language of the population: Finnish 97,4 %, Swedish 0,2 %, Others 2,4 %
Age range of the population (2014): 0-14-year-olds 13,9 %, 15-64-year-olds 58,8 %, over 64-year-olds 27,3 0%
Unemployment rate: 14,8 %

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